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Allow me to introduce you to my wife, Christina, a.k.a. my better half. We were married on May 28, 2012 in our home state of Little Rhody. She's an ICU nurse here in Louisville. Besides being the most awesome wife anybody could ever dream of, she's also what I would call a "Jill of all trades, and actually a master of many of them!" Besides being a compassionate and conscientious health professional, she's an experienced model, has an incredible eye for design and style (whether clothing, accessories, graphics, the interior of houses, or whatever), as well as a knack for figuring out most anything. She definitely transcends the stereotypes of what men and women are best at around the house, and I'm convinced if not for her, our humble abode would have probably fallen down by now. As you can see, I think the world of her, love her tremendously, and think she's beautiful inside and out. I'm so proud to call her my wife. 

Lately, Chris began pursuing a long-time passion of hers - the designing of unique, handcrafted women's bracelets and necklaces. Once again, she's left me astonished at how creative she is and how good her eye is. I decided to share some of her work here, and for anyone who may be interested in purchasing one of her items, you can do so below or at the Store page using Paypal, or at Etsy. If you wish to place a custom order, please send your request to Even though these items are geared towards women, guys should keep in mind - a lady in your life will be sure to love them!

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