Grief and Hockey

I've taken a bit of a blogging break over these past three months. Is it just me, or does time seem to fly by faster the older you get? My last post was about my dad, who passed away in…

A Better Place

My dad died last Monday, March 4th. He was 92, and had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past summer. Due to the low success rate of treating that particular type of cancer, along with his age, he decided against…


Breaking Bad Part II: "I Am the One Who Knocks"

Wow! Wow! Ummmm.... wow! I've watched many television series over the years, but I have to say Breaking Bad was my favorite of all time. Vince Gilligan did a profound job of creating a story with multi-layered characters and interwoven…


Would You Like Some Truth With Your Coffee?

Truth. Whenever I hear that word, I can't help but think of Jack Nicholson's iconic line in A Few Good Men: "You can't handle the truth!" I also think of a book I read a while ago (the name…


Breaking Bad

* The posting below was written while we were in the midst of watching Season 2 of Breaking Bad. Be sure to check out the Part II follow up to this, written after we concluded the series!



Hello, 2019

In 1908, British poet Minnie Louise Haskins published a collection titled The Desert, which included a poem called God Knows, later changed to The Gate of the Year. It read: 

And I said to the man…


Let It Go, Let It Go

Have you ever wondered who the "they people" are? You know, "they say...." I wonder if they have a headquarters somewhere. Anyhow, these "they people," in their infinite wisdom, are probably responsible for the old adage, "practice makes perfect." There's…


bPatrick, Uncle Barry, and the Price of Tea in China

So, as you probably figured, I haven't gone through life with the name "bPatrick." Well, actually, I sort of have. Patrick is my middle name, and B is my first initial. But it's not like I filled out the name…


Why Z-flat Major?

Why Z-flat Major? What does that even mean? Anyone who has the slightest familiarity with music theory knows the musical alphabet only goes as far as the letter G, and then returns to A. There's no such thing as a…