Amazing Life

"Sooner or later, every chapter ends. But there's always another waiting to begin."   

They say that life is what you make of it. I've always wanted to meet these infamous "they people," because I'd sure have a lot of questions for them. It's easy for self-help books to talk all about rising to conquer the challenges of life, making lemonade out of lemons, and all that. It's a lot harder to actually do, especially in the midst of the unthinkable calamities that some people endure. Yet, on so many occasions, we hear about those who have gone through the worst experiences, only to figure out later that in some way, it led them to or shaped them into what they were to become.  

Life's full of surprises. At one point, we may want something or someone so badly that it seems our life will be over if things don't turn out that way. Years later, we may look back and say, "thank God it didn't turn out that way!" The country band Rascal Flatts had a huge hit with "God Bless the Broken Road." Imagine how many weddings that's been the theme song for since Rascal Flatts released their version of it in 2005. A year later, Survivor (a band whose songs and melodies I greatly enjoy) released "Seconds Away," with the chorus lyrics: "we're seconds away from another tomorrow; seconds away from another hello; seconds away from a moment in sorrow; we're seconds away." Here we have two of the endless examples of how songs have captured the concept of life being an unpredictable adventure, a roller coaster ride that's far more incredible than anything any amusement park could ever come up with!  

If you've ever had the opportunity to visit any of the majestic mountains, valleys, oceans, lakes, forests, fields, and whatever else planet earth has to offer... if you've ever stood outside on a crisp autumn evening and stared off into the stars... if you've ever looked back at the moments of your life... the first kiss that left your spirit soaring through those nighttime skies... the endless laughter of a get-together with good friends...  the moments of triumph... all the opposites of these, such as the times of heartbreak, anger, setback, and failure... the various people that have come into and out of the various seasons of your life... how the path of your life has progressed and the tapestry has woven together... the mysterious jaw-dropping unexpected events when all seemed lost...   

An amazing thing that happened in the recording of this song was having the opportunity to have a colleague from Rhode Island blast out an awesome trumpet part over the last choruses. Bill Smith shared his expertise and talent for many special occasions at the church in Rhode Island where I used to lead the music ministry. To still be able to have him be a part of this inaugural project, even though I now live in Kentucky, was one of the many blessings that took place in the process of making Realign a reality.  

It's truly an amazing life, where promise fills the air. There's blessing everywhere. Don't ever give up, because the next one may be just around the corner. If anyone asks where you heard this, tell 'em one of the "they people" told you! 

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